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World Elephant Uganda Wildlife Education Centre August 12, 2016
Elephant care

Savanna elephants (Loxodonta africana) are intelligent, sociable, affectionate animals. They portray

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Number of Rescued Animals Increase

During the months of March and April, 2016. We received...

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Rescued Osprey (Pandion Haliaetus) from Helsinki Finland!

As went on with business on 26th January, 2016. Our...

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Try the forest trail at UWEC during your next visit!

When was the last time you went out to the...

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Want to swim on a safe clean beach? UWEC is for you!

Wondering where to spend your weekend, want a clean safe...

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UWEC received a baby elephant feeding bottle

Last week, the wildlife education centre was delighted to receive...

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Bird training

Catch our bird training and enrichment

New for 2015: You can join our avian team in...

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I stayed here for 2 nights while backpacking around East Africa. I stayed in the dorm (which is huge) so I got a room all to myself. There was only one other person staying there. The staff gave me my key but didn't give me any more information than that. I eventually found the bathrooms and the one computer they have for guests to use the internet. They have a lakeside 'restaurant' which closes at 6 PM.