The Chimpanzees

Did you know that we share more than 98% of our genetic blueprint? Visit UWEC and discover many interesting things that they can do!

Shoebill Stork

Did you know that, Shoebill Storks are rare and localised species is listed as Vulnerable? Visit us and learn more!

The Giraffes

Thanks to their towering legs and long necks, you can actually feed our giraffes while standing on a platform! Visit UWEC and Learn more.

Hands On Activities for Your Kids

Did you know that you can treat yourself to a beer or watch your favorite team on a giant screen as your children enjoy our hands on kids play games? Dine at our restaurant or relax in a safe, clean and quiet environment? Try UWEC and see the difference!

The Centre's location on the edge of Lake Victoria, its rich vegetation and its surprisingly wide range of birds, butterflies and other indigenous animals make it an attractive venue for education as well as a pleasing one for those who visit, whether Ugandans or people from overseas.

UWEC boasts of a wide variety of wildlife species in the Mammal, Reptile, Bird and Primate sections. Most of the animals that come to UWEC have been rescued from smugglers, poachers or the community.

Bring your class or pupils along for a visit at UWEC Zoo and join us on the learning journey which helps you discover the unique aspects of animals under our care! Come close to them, explore, enjoy and learn how you can help save mother earth today.

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UWEC for Zoo Standards Accreditation!

UWEC appointed to Central Africa, East to West Coast Chapter of Pan African Association of Zoos and Aquarium chapter!

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